Middle School

“Let no one have contempt for your youth, but set an example for those who believe, in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity.”

-1 Timothy 4:12

The Youth Ministry program at St. Jude exists for one reason: to bring teens into a good relationship with Jesus Christ. St. John Bosco, the patron saint of youth ministry, asked his youth to do only one thing for him: “help me save your souls.”

The human person was designed for holiness. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that God gave man a mind, a will, and a body in order to “know, love, and serve Him” (CCC 1721). It also teaches us that God is the source of dignity and holiness; in order to function properly, we have to cooperate with Him (CCC 27).

St. Jude’s Youth Ministry program seeks to help youth know, love, and serve God in their everyday lives. The more they do this, the more they will flourish as human beings. Our walk with God begins with faith and understanding, then the decision to act on that faith, and finally putting that faith into practice.

St. Jude’s Youth Mass – With a touch of contemporary worship music, is the flagship of the Youth Ministry program. All youth ministry begins and ends in worship of Jesus Christ in Mass. The Eucharist, which is truly Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, allows us to draw near to God so that, filled with His love, we may be strengthened individually and as a community, and go out into the world to preach the Gospel in word and deed.

We are always in need of Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, Greeters, and Ushers.

Religious Education

GIFT – St. Jude’s Middle School youth participate in their respective years of formation through the GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) program on Wednesday evenings at 6:15 pm. For more information, click here. (link to education>GIFT/VBS)

Social Life

Community Night – Ever want to hang out with your friends from St. Jude, but then realize that pesky youth minister will be there? Well, community night is your chance to hang out and have fun…and nothing more. Come join the St. Jude youth group for tons of fun! We have community nights three Sundays each month after the 6 pm Mass. See the calendar for updates.

Canoe Trip – Did you know that there are tons of canoeing sites just a few hours away in Arkansas? We go every year and it’s a lot of fun! Come join us for our canoe trip this fall. Keep an eye on the calendar for updates.

Six Flags – We to do Six Flags every Spring. Last time, we had 36 people. ‘Nuff said. Come join in the fun!


Ware Youth Correctional Facility – Visit the imprisoned youth of Northwest Louisiana and bring the joy of the Gospel to those in need of hope.

Hospitality House – Serve the poor at the hospitality house with your friends and classmates.

Lenten Fish Fry – Ever Lent, parishes and organizations around the world host Friday night fish fries in order to support the various ministries they run. The local Knights of Columbus (Bossier Council) gives all proceeds from their popular fish fry to the Mexico Mission Trip. We ask all youth, and especially those going on the Mexico Mission Trip, to assist at the fish fries as a part of their service to the community.