Embrace Grace







 A Pro-Life Movement for Young, Single and Pregnant Women in all Walks of Life.

Amy Ford, founder of Embrace Grace, grew up in a happy, loving, church-going, Christian home. She knew abortion was wrong; she had even prayed outside abortion clinics. But when she found herself pregnant and unmarried at the age of 19, it suddenly became a very real and tempting possibility. “I know it was the enemy,” she says now. Too ashamed and afraid to face their families, she and her boyfriend decided the best way out of the trouble they were in was an abortion. She ended up in an abortion clinic but in a miraculous moment, she decided that day to go home and reschedule her appointment. The two married and now have four children. Her experiences with unplanned pregnancy led her to co-found Embrace Grace, a national program for single and pregnant women. The mission of Embrace Grace is to work with the church to love and support single and pregnant young women from all walks of life. Through this program, lives are saved, and generations are changed.

With Bishop Duca’s permission, Embrace Grace came to the Diocese of Shreveport. Each program is 12 weeks long and meets on Tuesday nights here at St. Jude. During these weeks, the women will focus on basic Christian principles and be encouraged to share life-giving fellowship through prayer, activities and crafts. Volunteers celebrate the mothers-to-be with a baby shower where they can invite family and friends and conclude with a Special Event Day.

Whether a single, young woman with an unplanned pregnancy was raised in church or has never heard the message and hope of Jesus, she will encounter God in a way she never has before, and will be supported, loved and embraced.

These women are not alone. We are here to help! Contact Donna Quintana (318)349-0863 or Janet Boggs (318)773-1368 if you know any women that could benefit from this group or if you would like to be involved in this ministry.

Embrace Grace Website: https://embracegrace.com/