Altar Server

Altar Server-Notes Board:

  • Whenever you exchange items with the deacon or priest, also exchange a bow.
  • Whenever you move from one side of the altar to the other(e.g., when lighting the candles), be sure to stop at the center of the altar and make a slight bow as a sign of reverence.
  • During processionals, walk at a moderate pace.
  • It is your responsibility to dress appropriately for the role of altar server.  You should come to church dressed in a solid, light-colored (preferably white) shirt or blouse (no writing on the garment); solid, dark pants or slacks(no shorts); and dark shoes (no athletic shoes or sandals) with dark socks or hosiery.  Girls may prefer to wear a dress that is a light solid color (or does not have a print that will be distracting under a cassock and surplice) and dress shoes (no sandals).
  • It is your responsibility to serve at your scheduled Masses or find your own substitute.  Do not call the Altar Server Coordinator or a Mass Coach to do this for you.
  • Altar servers should check in the sacristy before Mass to make sure there are enough servers.  You should volunteer if servers are missing.
  • All altar servers are expected to attend all training sessions and quarterly meetings.  Experienced altar servers are needed to help train the newer servers,
  • If you have any questions about altar server procedures, please contact-
  • Michael Calvaresi
  • Peggy Moran
  • Corey Soignier-318-678-6755