Altar Server

Simplified Procedure:

Before Mass

  • Arrive 15 minutes before start of Mass
  • Dress into cassock and surplice
  • Be ready for instructions from priest or deacon
  • Candles ready for procession
  • Bee ready in the church 5 minutes before

During Mass

  • If you are able to, carry the Crucifix
  • Hold Roman Missal book for priest
  • Carry candles for Gospel procession
  • Assist in setting the altar
  • Hold cruet & finger bowl for the washing of hands
  • Bell ringing

After Mass

  • Replace crucifix in back of the church
  • Extinguish the altar candles
  • Clear the Credence table-bring the tray to the sacristy room
  • Replace cassock and surplice in the Server’s closet

For more detail, click here-Watch St. Jude Servers Training Video