Altar Server

St. Jude Altar Servers Ministry

Answering the Call to Serve:

Youth of St. Jude parish are invited to become Altar Servers.  Altar Servers assist the priest and deacon during the Mass.  The experience of serving in a special way-that is serving god in the liturgy of the Word and Eucharistic that gives a unique perspective of the Gift that God has given us.  It is an opportunity that you as young people of St. Jude Parish can give and learn more about your faith, your church and our worship of god.  If you have received First Communion and are in the 4th grade or higher, and felt the call to serve in this wonderful ministry of Altar Server.

Answer the Call, click here to fill out and we will contact you to help to begin the wonderful ministry of serving God at the Altar.

The Duties of Altar Servers:

  • Assist priest and deacon during the celebration of the Mass
  • Help the people pray by your example
  • Carry the cross/candles during the Entrance procession
  • Assist the priest by holding the Roman Missal book from which prayers are read
  • Assist in preparing the altar for the liturgy of the Eucharist
  • Assist the priest in the ritual washing of his hands
  • Carry the cross during the dismissal procession

Simplified Procedure:

Before Mass

  • Arrive 15 minutes before start of Mass
  • Dress into cassock and surplice
  • Be ready for instructions from priest or deacon
  • Candles ready for procession
  • Bee ready in the church 5 minutes before

During Mass

  • If you are able to, carry the Crucifix
  • Hold Roman Missal book for priest
  • Carry candles for Gospel procession
  • Assist in setting the altar
  • Hold cruet & finger bowl for the washing of hands
  • Bell ringing

After Mass

  • Replace crucifix in back of the church
  • Extinguish the altar candles
  • Clear the Credence table-bring the tray to the sacristy room
  • Replace cassock and surplice in the Server’s closet

For more detail, Click here to watch the St. Jude Altar Servers Training Video

Altar Server-Notes Board:

  • Whenever you exchange items with the deacon or priest, also exchange a bow.
  • Whenever you move from one side of the altar to the other(e.g., when lighting the candles), be sure to stop at the center of the altar and make a slight bow as a sign of reverence.
  • During processionals, walk at a moderate pace.
  • It is your responsibility to dress appropriately for the role of altar server.  You should come to church dressed in a solid, light-colored (preferably white) shirt or blouse (no writing on the garment); solid, dark pants or slacks(no shorts); and dark shoes (no athletic shoes or sandals) with dark socks or hosiery.  Girls may prefer to wear a dress that is a light solid color (or does not have a print that will be distracting under a cassock and surplice) and dress shoes (no sandals).
  • It is your responsibility to serve at your scheduled Masses or find your own substitute.  Do not call the Altar Server Coordinator or a Mass Coach to do this for you.
  • Altar servers should check in the vesting room before Mass to make sure there are enough servers.  You should volunteer if servers are missing.
  • All altar servers are expected to attend all training sessions and quarterly meetings.  Experienced altar servers are needed to help train the newer servers,
  • If you have any questions about altar server procedures, please contact-
  • Michael Calvaresi-
  • Peggy Moran-
  • Corey Soignier-no longer a member of council


St. Jude Altar Server Advisory Council is there to help you, the new server.  The active experienced server will also be there to assist and mentor you as you learn different aspects of the liturgy.  There will be additional training when there are changes being put in place.  We also have fun, learning about our faith, to be a people of Christ in serving God at the altar.  Check under Dates/Information for the next available training.